Blog Lifting

As you may know, Zamzam is going through major changes. My Etsy shop is about to be empty. My focus will be on my graphic design work. And my own self is experiencing many transformations.... so I thought my blog needed some changes.

First a facelift. I'm working on a new name and a new banner for the blog (as the word design is not really representative of what I'm talking about most of the time).

I'm also going to have some kind of weekly program. Monday will be some kind or 'word of the week', where I'm going to talk about one concept, anything that I will have in mind at that time. I'll probably have other weekly ideas but for now that is what I thought about.

I ask you to please, please leave a comment if you have any idea... I'd love to hear you about your favorite topics, your expectations when you read this blog, etc.

Make sure to come back often to see what this lifting is all about!

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Irfan Mug-d said...

"Light" Can you think about light?