Wonderful. New. Life.

My new me suits me very well. Changes are effective and I feel reaaaly good. I'm taking small steps to be freer, happier, lighter.

I have a list of things I would like to either change/improve/stop/start in the coming weeks/months. I'm taking one or two things at the time, so I dont become overwhelmed. It includes

- Waking up early: done - the habit is taken and I really enjoy it. I'm usually up at around 5 am

- Sleeping early: done - didn't sleep later than 10:00 - 10:30 pm for a whole month which is very unusual :). I guess it goes with the previous point!

- Exercise: partly done - I started a yoga course and am walking 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon to get/take my son to school. Would like to do some more.

- Eating well: I mean very well. For myself and for the planet. No meat, less dairies, no process food, etc. Ramadan was very helpful so I was able to "reset" my body and I am ready to take the eat-well challenge.

- Put an end to consumerism. I'm really motivated, especially after spending hours decluttering and realizing that I owe enough (read: too much). My motto these days: I will no longer find pleasure in buying and having material things. Told you I'm a new person! One really nice tip I could share with you is if you want to buy something, put it on a 30-days list (with the date next to it). If after 30 days you still want the item than you can consider buying it - if you really need it and think you cannot do without.

- Get rid of my credit card. Seriously.

- Turn off computer after 3 pm. Should be the hardest habit to change.

Everything will go through the 21-days test.

Life is wonderful when you take care of yourself.


LilithEvy said...

Wow! Tu es courageuse et je t'admire! De très bonnes habitudes de vie dont je n'ai pas la capacité de changer présentement.. me lever à 5h du matin... moi?!? Je trouve cela pénible lorsque mon fils se lève à 8h30, alors imagine à 5h :o) Et bien bon courage et bonne continuation (est-ce que ça se dit?) car tout ceci semble te faire un bien immense!

Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

J'aime beaucoup l'idée du 30 jours pour la consommation :)
Pour ma part, incapable de me lever si tôt, ohhhhh, incapable!
Beaux objectifs.... au plaisir de te suivre dans ces réussites!