Finding focus

photo credit: Apricot cafe

I found recently a very interesting blog called Zen Habits. As always, I know this discovery is not a coincidence. Articles like 'living a better life with less' and 'how to let go of hyperparenting and relax with your kids' are more than welcome in my life right now. I found there simple answers to complicated questions.

Yesterday, while going from one link to another I found the beginning of a book written by the author of Zen Habits, Leo Babauta. The book is not finished but he still wanted to make the material available so the first chapters are online. It is called Focus. It's about what he calls the 'Age of distraction' and the fact that we develop addiction to connection and communication.

You should ab-so-lu-te-ty have a look at this document! And realize how much creativity is affected by our consumption and communication habits.

I seriously believe everyone should stop and reflect on the beauty of disconnection. Me first. I'm going offline.

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Hajar said...

Disconnecting ... sounds interesting. I've always liked taking the zen approach in just about anything. I hope I'll discover more about it through your website recommendation Thanks for sharing sis. :)