Welcome to Artsyville!

Have you seen these amazing drawings? I'm so crazy about them - the colors, the doodles, the messages... Everything is perfect in my artistic eye. 

I found Aimee's art through her Artsyville blog first, then discovered her Etsy shop and thought all her doodleprints are  interesting. This is the kind of stuff that really catches my attention. Very inspiring, too. Triple love!


aimee said...

wow zamzam! thanks so much for the feature! :)

Emilie Nourra said...

Pas de commentaire en anglais aujourd'hui... je suis flemmarde!

Donc je dirais....WOUAHOU c'est vraiment très, très joli!!! merci pour le partage :))

Stephanie Kim said...

love it love it!!

Zamzam Design said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Stephanie :)