Kids Holidays - and what it means for a Mom

Haven't find time in the last week to write even one line. Holidays are here, for the kids, I mean - so mine are over! I'm trying to keep them busy so they don't fight (the favorite activity of two boys that don't have something constructive to do). That means I'm also quite busy and don't find the time to blog/write/twit/list on Etsy/paint.

Weather was nice last week so that was kind of easy. Playing outside is an activity in itself so I don't have to be too creative. But rain came during the week-end so we had to find something to do inside...

I bought this 'carnival' kit a while ago and thought it was a good time to take it out. Little One (4 y.o.) took 2 minutes to finish his 2 masks. Big Brother (6 y.o.) took ages. I was so proud of him. He was taking his time, choosing carefully his colors, he was so into it, reminded me of me - that was a good feeling. I really enjoyed watching him (I secretly hope my kids will be artists!). 

So! My summer will be like this, a break from my usual occupations, quality time with my little guys, playing, watching, taking too many uninteresting photos and trying to enjoy some time away from the computer...

I'll try to post as much as possible but I already know I will not be able to be as active as I use to.

Have a nice summer!

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