I tried... Peacox Creations scrubbies

Yes, auntie Audrey has tried something very interesting for you, a sophisticated and innovative gadget, a revolutionary way to wash dishes, the nylon net scrubbie! When I say I tried, I mean I washed dishes for almost 6 months with the same scrubbie every day and it's still like new. I washed it in the dishwasher a few times (yes, you can do that!), scrubbed dirty pans and sticky stuff and it's still alive! No stain, no smell, not a sign of wear yet. I have to say I'm very surprised, I was expecting this poor apple to disintegrate in no time... I also became greener since I have it, I was using disposable sponges before so no more waste. I'm a satisfied customer and I bought half a dozen of the same apple scrubbies this week from Peacoxcreations. I want to share the joy of washing dishes with friends and family, so I'm going to give them around.

Would you like to try it? Oh, let's do a quick giveaway! Let me know if you'd like one and I'll pick one name randomly let's say saturday night - that person will receive a superb apple scrubbie, a great gift worth $1.25!! Seriously, it's one of the best thing I bought from Etsy. I abhor dishes and this little red thing is like saying to me: "we're in this together. I'll not let you down".

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Patti said...

Audrey! I so appreciate your featuring my little scrubbies in your "I Tried" feature on your blog! You are so sweet! I've been using them for years (they are even a fav of my son-in-law!) The apples are my own design, because I got tired of just making plain round ones, even though they work just as well! Thank you again!