In Progress

A few photos of what's on my plate this week. I'm doing new painted pebbles (oh how I love to paint them!!) to make some magnets for the Arts & Crafts Fair I've been invited to + made something new, photo holders in mini flower pots. They are very cute! Should be available soon in my Etsy shop!


Hajar said...


Got your link from sketchedsoul. Was intrigued to find out more about your crafts.

During my student days, I was in the Arts & Crafts society and one of our projects was on painted pebbles. Seeing your work brought back wonderful memories. :)

Thinking back, I haven't been doing much A&C stuff of late. Perhaps I might get some inspirations after perusing your blog. ^


Zamzam Design said...

Wa alaikum assalam,

Welcome to my little world. I'm happy to see that my work could be a motivation for you incha'Allah. A&C is a wonderful way to express emotions, creativity and to reconnect with yourself - and with Allah.

Hope to see you back again :).

Hajar said...

Dear Audrey,

Thanks for dropping by to my own lil' world. :)

True enough, A&C does offer all that. The freedom of expressions and the sentiments that follows along with every little effort that goes in creating the delicate intricate pieces, ultimately gives you a sense of accomplishment coupled with gratitude to Allah S.W.T.

Insya'Allah, I shall share my A&C stuff as time goes by.


jeweledrabbit said...

I love the painted pebbles.