Back-to-school Giveaway!

Yay! I'm throwing a new giveaway just because I love you all, so much ♥♥♥!

This time, I'm going to give away one of my famous wire pendants (that can also be turned into a keychain, cell phone charm, door-knob, drawer-handle or whatever charm!). But wait that is not all! I'm going to make it custom for the winner - that means you'll be able to choose which ever color/color combo you want and I'll make something just for you.

To enter, you simply have to visit my shop, then leave a comment on this blog about your favorite item - and why you like it. Any other comment, critique, idea, suggestion concerning my shop is also very welcome! Don't forget to leave your email address or a way to reach you easily if you win.

I'll make a drawing on Sept 30th and will take about 3 days to create your personal pendant and prepare it according to your color choice and use (if you want a cell phone charm I'll put a small black cord, for a keychain I put a key ring, etc.).

Did I forget anything? Oh, yes, happy back-to-school :)!


Breanna LaRow said...

I *love* the pendant pictured in your post, top left but i didn't see that in your shop. My second favorite would be juicy grape. I love the free form style of the pendants. Really nice work.

zamzam design said...

75Oh, I just sold that one 2 weeks ago. The woman who bought it wanted a keychain so I put a keyring to it. She wrote back to tell me she just loooves it!

zamzam design said...

don't know how that 75 ended up ther, lol!

Carey Lynn said...

I just love your handpainted wooden box! very neat

Jodi said...

your shop is great. i love the dragonfly pendant! lots of luck to you!

Brandon said...

Wow you work is great! I really like the Ocean Pendant.


Susie said...

My favourites are the mosaic mirrors especially the one with the bright colours - it's so nice and cheerful.

Soozy on swapbot.

Anneleen said...

You have such beautiful pendants...
This is the one I prefer: Juicy Grape Pendant. I love the colors and the name you gave it!
You can contact me @ my blog if needed :)

Kim Bagwill said...

love the sweet strawberry pendant because red's my favorite color!

Whimsical Creations said...

Beautiful work! My favorites are the Pink Balloon and the ocean pendant. Just beautiful!

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

cpullum said...

I like the Summer Breeze Bracelet!
Great to wear with anything!

french panic said...

Bonjour from a fellow Montrealer (okay, I know Laval & Montreal aren't the same, but the STM connects us....)!

J'aime "Farewell to Summer" pendant et "Blue Balloon".

They would both look great with the blue skirt I recently purchased from another etsian.

You have some really beautiful objects in your shop - I also like the 'Morrocan Flowers II' painting - gorgeous red with the lovely white swirls.

Je vous remercie de l'occasion pour gagner.... and that's about the extent of my French, sadly.

My email, should I be lucky enough to win, is on the landing page of my blog if you click through to it.

Christie Cottage said...

This is my favorite item. I love the shape and color combination!

Turquoise Tear Pendant.

I found your blog on etsy and that's where you can find me too

Grenouille said...

I prefer the Beach Treasury pendant. First, because it's basic material is a beautiful pebble created by God. Second, because you generously offer it though you spent time looking for it with you friends, it's like sharing a piece of your friendship. Finally, because you tied skilfully God's creation to human relations, and the result is strong and delicate.
Tu sais où me rejoindre sur Le Plateau. ;) Ge

FutureMariée said...

I love just about everything (sans vouloir être téteuse)

My favorite item at the moment would be the sunset treasure box. The colors are vivid and simple, and the design is beautiful.

I also really like the florecence switchplate, its a great artistic idea and I love the color!

FutureMariée said...

J'ai oublié mon email, mais j'ose espérer que tu sais comment me rejoindre :)


Anonymous said...

I love your pink dreams letter holder http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13086893, it is so pretty!!!
Your pendants are also beautiful! I love the colors on your magic potion bottles! So many of your things are great! Jenny (Juliuslove28)

Hafsa said...

i love the Summer breeze one.. the one I had ordered for a friend..