Inner Peace

I'm the living proof that the right therapy can liberate you.

I experienced something totally unexpected this week. I was able, through a guided introspection/relaxation, to re-live the event that ruined my whole life. An event, that any child would've lived without having any after-effect. It seems for me, it was different. I thought I was responsible for what happened. And all my life after that, inconsciously, I thought I had something to hide, something so terrible I didn't deserved to be happy. I basically sabotaged my own happiness because I was guilty of something that couldn't be forgiven.

And now. Now that I had this 'revelation'. My life is already different. I feel free. I feel liberated. I feel good. Laughing out loud, for no particular reason. Smiling to myself, for so many reasons.

If you're still wondering weither or not you should start a therapy, well believe me, miracles can happen.

Inner peace can happen.

Pssst! BTW, I highly recommend the rational emotive behavior therapy :).

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Anonymous said...

Only YOU hold the key. Sometimes you just forget you put it. Glad you found it and can be on your way down a new path.