New Kitchen

We've been working on the kitchen since April. I finally took pictures of the 'after' part so I'm able to show (and appreciate myself!) the great difference a change of color can make. We took off the "beautiful" wallpaper, wood stripe, country-style lamp and cabinet doors handles, replaced with new ones and changed the yellow and red for a less agressive grey. We also treated the cabinets with a special transformation kit and the result is fabulous.

I love my new kitchen! It's brighter, fresher... Now if only it could help me cook better ;)! Also, the computer is not in the dining room anymore - it went back to the office since it became an office again (after being my mother in law's, then my husband's and each of my son's room for a total of more than a year!)

We'll absolutely need to change the curtains, but I cannot find anything that I like. I'm still hesitating on the accent color. Orange? Turquoise? Lime Green? What do you think?

Next step: second floor. I know, we don't have any. But we're going to get one very soon. Incha'Allah.

Dining Room - Before
Dining Room - After

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After

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