I knew somehow sewing a bag would be quite easy. But I never thought it would be that easy and that fun to make! I even used a pattern for a reversible bag, not knowing if I would mess it up as I often do when I improvize.

And I didn't! The pattern is perfect, the instruction are clear and in the end, after working on it for less than 2 hours, I have a cute reversible bag! I can finally stop using that old cheap red supermarket bag to carry my diapers and wipes. I'm not a diaper bag person, also not fond of carrying a purse everywhere I go, so that bag is just perfect for my nedds. And it's made by me!

It's a bit small though, so next time I think I should make it bigger, maybe with pockets... I know I'll want to make another one :).


Anonymous said...

ma sha allah, il est super beau ! bravo !


Sophie LeffetCréa said...

Superbe ! Je craque pour le tissu à carreaux !!!!! Trop beau !