...a new blog feature! I have that nice book called Caffeine for the Creative Mind in which you find 250 exercices to wake up your brain. They all involve fun and creativity. I decide to suggest one exercice per week or so to make you profit - and will of course do the exercice myself.

Here's a quick one to start.

What day is it?

The week of seven days was adopted in Rome somewhere about 400 AD and spread into Europe, but it had been recognized long before that in the East. The names of each of the days are generally associated with Roman mythology. It's time they received and updated, contemporary change. Your task is to rename the days of the week to be modern. They can all be associated with a theme, or they can all have different meanings. They can be as long or as short as you like, but they all must en with the suffix "-day", like they do now.

My week would be : Yawnday, Insignificantday, Middleday, Letshavebreakfastwithfriendsday, Shoppingday, Dealwithkidswhowanttomakespecialactivitiesday, Sleepuntiltenday.

What about you week? I'd love to know what you would come up with!! And stay tuned for more fun and creativity stretching exercices.

2012 Calendar by Gingiber


Noon Interior Design said...

Can they all have the same name, Crazyday? Ok i'll obviously adopt your yawnday , i need a coffee to think about it! lol

Zamzam Design said...

If you have the same hectic life as me, then yes, I guess Crazyday everyday would fit perfectly ;).