If you're looking for me

You might find me in the crochet zone.

Whenever I have 5 minutes ahead of me (and even when I don't), I jump on my ball of yarn and my crochet to finish something. I made 5 hats last week : 3 different hats for me, with unsatisfying results (so I might just create another one), one darling little pink hat with a flower for my niece, one for my brother. I started a scarf for myself, with the nice fuschia color you see on the photo.

I just cannot stop, it's so addictive, I never thought it would be so!
So if you're looking for me, you know where I'm at...


Marie said...

pour l'inspiration, celui la est repute inratable, je te fais confiance sur le choix des colories...http://brocante2margote.canalblog.com/archives/2011/11/01/22514300.html
sinon plus fun, tu as LE chapeau cowboy, ici http://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2011/02/27/chapeau-de-cowboy/chapeau-de-cowboy.pdf

bon crochet


Qalballah said...

Mmmm I might join you... I'm in the knitting zone... just round the corner....