Unwanted Relapse and Unforseen Weaning

Mr. Crohn showed up again and brought me to the doorstep of hospital. Last week coloscopy and the usual symptoms showed that the state of my intestines is still bad. My GE said I have to get better in the next days (going back to a high dose of cortico-steroids) otherwise I would have to be re-hospitalized again to get it IV. I will also start a new treatment, weekly injections of methotrexate. The bad news is, I have to stop nursing my baby, because the drug is incompatible with breatsfeeding.

You cannot imagine the pain I felt when I realized it was over. My (most probably) last baby, already at the point where I have to wean him. At only 2 months. It's a huge shock, the sadness is terrible. I started to give him formula and al hamdolillah it's going pretty well, as he seems to prefer that anyway. But still. The pain is there, it's deep and it will take time to heal.

Ordeal after ordeal. This is my life. Al-hamdolillah. "And with every difficulty, there's a relief" (Qur'an, chapter 94).


Marie said...

Allah ma'akum !
tu es dans mes prieres.

Tendresse wa salam aeykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh


Laura said...


... said...

I feel with you and its good to see your acceptance and thankfulness. may Allah give you patience and power, may he gives you Shifa´.
sarah (alfarascha)