Unpeace of mind

Is it because I'm a highly sensitive person that I get so anxious about everything? I don't understand how people can live without feeling constant guilt and anxiety when we know all that we know about the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink... I've been trying to ignore all the alarming articles I've read about the crap we put in/on our bodies but it's not working. Not only I have chronic concern over environmental issues but I'm feeling more and more concerned about, well almost everything.

It seems that sugar, milk, meat, gluten, aspartame, eggs, non-organic fruits and veggies are threatening our health. Maybe sucking ice for the rest of our lives would be a good alternative.

But oh, wait, water is also dangerous.

Our microwaves, cell phones, teflon pans, bras and clothes could kill us. Cosmetics, deodorants, household cleaners, toothpastes are risky, too. And I'm not even talking about vaccination, birth control pill and other medication.

Buying at Walmart is wrong. Buying anything from China or from anyone who support Israel is wrong. Driving a car is wrong. Putting a plastic jar in the bin is wrong. Using anything disposable is wrong.

Having a husband who doesn't understand my worries and won't change his habits doesn't help. He says I'm thinking too much and that I'm paranoiac. On top of that, organic food, natural, local and ethical stuff costs way more than the crap so he's getting crazy when I buy something organic that costs three times more than its pesticized-shooted-optimized version.

I'm worried. For me, but also for my kids. Is there a way to just live our lives without feeling bad about every move we make? Can we even breathe without harming ourselves/others?

Am I taking all this too seriously? Why do I feel I'm the only one around who get really concerned about all these issues?

Now I understand why they say ignorance is bliss.


Anonymous said...

:) oh no, i think you are not too sensitive (you are a mother and also confronted with a disease). I think we (or the food industry) are on the best way to destroy ourselves:) sugar, artificial dyes (is this right?), aspartame, free-flowing salt and so on...
I think its completely right that you are thinking about all these things but do not think too much about it...you will go crazy:)
My recommendation:
Buy local food by seasons, maybe you can convince your husband with the good taste;)
do not buy too much sweets/candies, make them yourself! (also honey is very tasty and useful for many delicious recipes), instead of normal sugar buy cane sugar (right?i am not sure if this is the right word) which is not chemically treated.
Use Himalayan salt or even not chemically treated salt/sea salt.
Drink water water water and tea, no lemonade and little juice (but i need my coffee too;)
You can make healthy bread by yourself, its very cheap and delicious!

You'll feel so satisfied to provide your family with healthy food inschaAllah.

We already do so:)
and yes we use non fluoridated toothpaste, I hate my mobile (I do not us it very often) and we cook very often in our natural tajine (moroccan clay pot). I use Welede and Hauschka products and homeopathy too:)

healthy greeting!

Zamzam Design said...

Thanks for the advices!! I already do almost everything you mentioned. I would like to do much more but because I'm not the provider, it's almost impossible. I'm also trying to educate my kids (and even my friends!) about good habits and the danger of processed food...

Gabi said...

No, you are not alone! :-)
Your husbands reminds me of my own husband, years ago... I managed to convince him that buying organic is more islamic than spending money on chemically treated food that is not good for his body. Buying coffee fair-trade, free-range chickens...Also these food tastes better, he really likes that!
I love Weleda and Hauschka, too!

suma said...

This post made me smile. I feel the same way sometimes and I also have a dh that would probably freak if he actually new how much I was spending for Organic. My advice: Just do the best you can and put your trust in Allah.