Hooked... continued!

I'm spending most of my time crocheting these days. Completely addicted! The fantastic thing about crochet is that it's so easy, I'm just following videos and was able to make things I thought were for experts only.

I had some material left from my baby blanket and tried making a hat and baby booties with it. For a first try I'm quite happy with the final result.

Now working on more hats for the kids, a baby sweater and a cardigan for me. I'm having so much fun!


.::Tuttie::. said...

mashaAllah. that is pretty darn good. I can't get that far :( I get all frustrated and stop.

Zamzam Design said...

You should try and follow the videos, they are amazingly good and easy to follow! I just do what I see, sometimes I have to start back 2-3 times but it's worth it ;)! The videos of Teresa Johnson on Youtube are the best, you should have a look.