It took me 3 weeks to finish it - my first crochet project, a baby blanket.

Now what will I do of my evenings? I should quickly learn how to make hats and cardigans!


Anonymous said...

Salam audrey
I am trying to learn to crochet. I have been watching videos on youtube as well. Your blanket looks fantastic

Zamzam Design said...

Salam Carole, thanks for your comment, I'd love to see what you do, do you have some photos somewhere on the net?

If you don't know Teresa Johnson, you should really try her videos, they are incredibly well done and easy to follow...

CaroleP said...

Salam audrey. I am on Facebook. I will try to reconnect with you that way. I dont have anything done yet on crochet as I am learning as soon as I have something I will post it on facebook.