Back to my studio

Some are back to school. Some are back to work. As for me, I'm back to my beloved and deserted studio. Can you believe I didn't hold a brush in my hand for almost 5 months?! After having my in-laws for 2 months, I left for my vacations, then came home sick and tired so I totally neglected my creative side.

I didn't even remember how good it felt to paint and create! Mixing colors, holding my breath when I want to make a straight line, trying different color combos, thinking about nothing... That is just great.

50 new magnets are on the way, painted glasses and mirrors also... Now I wish I had more time, as I feel like doing nothing else than painting. I have to profit, as the baby will come, leaving no time and energy for idle hours and leisure time!

What am I still doing in front of my computer then ;) ?

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