Couldn't resist

...so I'm back on Etsy. It was just too tempting! I wanted to give it a try. We never know. It seems that customers are more comfortable with Etsy than iCraft in general so... incha'Allah it will work better!

I was not always satisfied with Etsy, and you can read a lot about what's wrong with it elsewhere. But hey, do we have a lot of options when we want to sell online?? As long as I don't have my own shop and can't generate my own traffic, well, I guess that's the option. Let's see now if I can sell something despite the millions of other items that will probably bury mine :).


Marie said...


hey ça travail fort par chez toi...félicitation.
j'ai vu que tu avais des nouveautés aussi sur icraft, mashaAllah.
j'aime beaucoup la façon dont tu as enlacé le pendentif rouge, Allahou Akbar. j'espère que tu vas poursuivre une belle lancée.


ACraftyArab said...

Have you tried Zibbet? I really love it and I think your items would be so beautiful there. And you can list 25 things for free.