Colorful Candies

I've been very productive lately after receiving a package from my special beach-combing glass-picking friend. Some colors are very rare - red, yellow, sky blue, orange, lavender... I also bought silver beads and charms for my pendants - that gives them a really sharp look!

My whole collection of pendants and rings is so colorful and shiny, I feel like eating them all. They almost look like candies. Sweeeeet!


Titania yng Nghymru said...

oh my goodness! i almost fell off my chair when i saw this fabulous display of your sea glass jewellery! you must have been very busy!!! indeed, the colours are amazing. apart from my fave marine colours, the olive green is so cooooool!!! and you know, it was a great idea to add those charms too! they add extra oriental accent to the glassy bits. i love esp that "cap" on the white one :) fab! fab! fab!
keep up the good work ;)

itto said...

mashaallah, so beautiful!!!

Green Islam | Islam & Ecologie said...

I'm in love :)