Another important step for Zamzam

I've been trying to get my jewelry and magnets sold in physical shops around Montreal and had an appointment last week with Jennifer Lonergan at Artistri. She agreed to take my whole Ocean collection and almost all my new magnets in her beautiful shop located at 5319 Park Avenue.

Al hamdolillah! This is an important step for me. People will now be able to see my creations 'live' and to appreciate them, even if they don't personally know me. Artistri is an amazing shop that supports women and sustainable development practices, where you can find treasures made by women from all over the world. I really feel blessed to be part of this communty of talented women!

If you're in Montreal, why not go and have a look - not only for Zamzam but also for the truly beautiful creations you can find there.

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nourished mama said...

wow thats amazing...I am so happy for you...you make such beautiful things...which will be appreciated even more 'live'.
May Allah make your little venture prosper...
take care