They are back

photo credit NDomer73

Oh how I missed them. My little birds. Yesterday early morning, I heard the robin for the first time.

Today, the red-winged blackbirds. They are my favorite. My father tells me all the time that they are quite dangerous bird and that they attack people who come close to their nest but still, their song brings childhood memories full of mud, sunshine and blooming flowers.

Nothing is the same when they are back. The are the promise that weather will continue to improve, that we can leave windows open, that winter is gone, gone, gone...


treasurefield said...

Wow, great photo of a gorgeous bird! I love having the robins around, and this time of year when you notice the music of the songbirds returning. Birds are so special, aren't they?!

zd said...

They are indeed! I wanted to post an audio file of both birds but couldn't figure out how. I have a whole CD of songbirds, love them!