is not my favorite sky color. I feel winter coming, and I'm not sure that light therapy will be enough...

I'm trying to be proactive, not to let depression have a grip on me this year, again...

Here's what I intend to do in the next days:
- yoga (breathing and stretching gives me a lot of energy)
- tanning salon (it always feels so good on my skin! - I usually go 2 times a year)
- massage (received a free session certificate for Eid - thanks lil' bro)
- painting (to express my feelings through colors and brush strokes)
- new basement decoration (have to choose new walls color, new floor, new ceramic - new is good for the mood)
- psycho-therapy (I stopped seeing my PT in July and need to resume my therapy)
- chocolate cake (very effective for short term happiness)
- breakfast with friends in the middle of the week (we started this a couple of weeks ago and it perfectly breaks routine)

What do you do to fight the blues?


Splendid Little Stars said...

awesome post! I applaud your plan!
Lovely sky photo. Grey is not my favorite sky color either. However, in this photo it is so beautiful.
This has been a very tough year for me. Today, I went to lunch with friends and then we came back to my house and played with paper crafts for a few hours. so much fun and a much need respite!
I have started to look for moments of joy or happiness or contentment. Because sometimes a moment is all I have. I think of these as "mini vacations." Perhaps it is observing a bee alighting on a flower, or the way a leaf gently swirls to the ground. Perhaps it is a colorful sky at sunset. Also taking photographs is something I love to do, and often it helps me look with a new perspective. I can get lost in the moment while photographing.

About the author... said...

SLS, thanks for sharing, I'm deeply touched by what you wrote - I can relate sooooo much to what you said. Moments of pure joy are few and most of the time, I also get these 'mini vacations' while painting or photographing...

It is a relief sometimes to realize that we are not alone.

zamzam design said...

It seems that my new name is 'about the author', lol!