Boxes and stickers

I'm preparing for a 5 days exhibit in August and ordered last week some custom pillow boxes from LilithEvy and ZD stickers from Pixel by Pixel. I received both and they look awesome - all orangy and fuchsia! 

I was a bit upset at myself because I forgot to mention I wanted round stickers and ended up with squares, but they still look good. I'm wondering now if I'll just cut some of them in circles... Prefer round than square in everything!


LilithEvy said...

Wow!! Merci pour la petite pub... et c'est vrai que cela va être très beau sur les boîtes!!! Bonne chance pour ton exposition en août!!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

These are cool. In this case, I think the squares stickers are great. The square sets off the circle inside.

Hollyrocks said...

Great packaging! I've always loved those little pillow boxes, and I think the stickers look really nice even if they're not the shape you meant to ask for.

You are very welcome for the feature! There are so many magnets on etsy that I had a hard time finding ones that were beautiful and well-photographed. So I got really excited when I found your shop. Don't tell the other sellers that I featured, but yours are my favorite! ;-)