I tried... to understand

Today, I tried to stay away from the computer, even if I have loads of work to do.  I needed to reflect. I was told by someone whose opinion is very important to me that I was obsessed with my computer and my business. That hurts. 

For once in my life I try to follow through on a project. I give so much efforts. I start to see results, al-hamdolillah. And then... Then I'm told that it's wrong. That I'm wrong. Anyone else would have say that to me, it would have been different. I'm just trying to understand what is making her so upset about me.

That is the only thing I tried today. 


jeweledrabbit said...

Why does she feel that you're obsessed and why is her opinion *that* important to you?

If you love what you're doing,isn't that all that counts?

Don't let anyone dissuade you from making your dreams come true.

Chris said...

I can relate to you. I too have recently started a business online, and spend most of my time on my computer, and my family does not understand why. And think I am waiting time and should give it up.

I am not making tons of money yet, but making tons of progress in learning internet marketing, social networking, and gaining so much exposure for the the site. And I am helping so many people and making so many friends that I would not have met without the internet. I do feel I am making progress in many ways. Progress is not measured only by the dollars I make. My happiness is what is important. And I am truly happy, and following passion.

Maybe someday they will understand, and maybe your friend will too! Follow your dream!