Something for me

You know, sometimes, you feel like something was written just for you... The Artist's survival kit of Keri Smith is hilarious, well-thought and... of course, written for me. Mrs. Smith has tons of brilliant/fun ideas and silly projects to make (from portable tree to secret note dispenser). If you're looking for inspiration, you can also pick something from her 100 ideas list. Something else on your (and my!) must-read blogs list!

I would probably underline 2 and 10!

This is so cool, I now have permission to make mistakes! Oh, what a relief! After 33 years passed with the obligation to be perfect, I now have the right to fail. On a regular basis!


please sir said...

That list is great - I feel that way too! Such a neat find!

Debbie Gootter said...

Thats all so true!

Mannie Vincent said...

Oh thanks so much for sharing this! I love that list, and the permission slip (: Great find!

XOX ~ Mannie

Debra said...

That is so funny yet true!!
Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

You are too cute! Great list!
-10oneworld on etsy

kiddlebug said...

I have seen that list before but not the permission slip. Perfect!

jeweledrabbit said...

LOL I gave myself permission to make mistakes a long time ago, but I'm older than you are. ;)