I'm very busy these days, with kids starting school (both of them for the first time - preschool and kindergarden) and Ramadan that started yesterday... This whole month is going to be very different in many ways. First, I'm not working - not taking any design contracts. Second, I decided I'll use my computer not more than 1/2 an hour a day (which is close to impossible for someone like me!). I'll try to focus on my fast and on myself. So many things to do to improve, to become a better person, a more patient, content, grateful, peaceful woman! I'll try not to make you fast from my blog too much, but maybe I'll be less present than usual. My time will be spent mostly for my faith and my heart!

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jeweledrabbit said...

I wouldn't be able to limit myself to only half an hour a day on the computer, for any reason. LOL