Creativista - or how to reconnect with your inner self by using your creativity.

It has been a long time. But I told you I was working on something else, something new. Something important for me, something meaningful.

I launched Creativista back in August and as much as I wanted to make it in french and to dedicate this project to the french-speaking community, I didn't feel it was attracting people as it would have attracted english-speaking people. Being on numerous (english) forums and groups dedicated to art and creativity, I see the excitement and the true interest for these subjects. I have a lot of artists (english) friends, see many (english) workshops available and bought many (english) books about painting, creativity, artists... Unfortunateley, I didn't see anything like that on the "french side". The buzz is just not there. So, being a creative person who encourages people to use that creativity, I decided to just make a move and turn everything to english. My site is now fully converted and my blog posts will now be written solely in english.

It was not an easy decision but it was a brave and bold one. And since the website is now available in english, I invite you to come and visit me over there.

I usually post a creative exercice every Saturday and an art/creativity/family-related (or sometimes totally random!) article every Wednesday.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook , Twitter and to subscribe to the Creativista Newsletter (you’ll find the optin box at the top of the Welcome page). And don’t forget to comment as much as you want – I love comments and I usually answer all of them.

I hope to see you soon at Creativista!


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